Paul Did It All

Apostle Paul

Early image of Paul

Paul was an apostle, a well known follower of Christ. He was a missionary. He was a church planter. He was an evangelist. He was a teacher. He did it all.

Which are we supposed to be? Are you the missionary, the church planter, the evangelist or the teacher? If Paul was all of these, are we supposed to be all as well? My answer is: why not?

Every Christian knows people that need to hear about Christ, so they should be a missionary to them. Every church is a church plant, so they should get that church well-rooted and seek to plant more. Every Christian can share the gospel, so they should evangelize. Every Christian has a bible, so they should study it and teach it. With the Holy Spirit, you can do it all.

Paul may have been a missionary, church planter, evangelist and teacher but he only thought of himself as a follower of Christ. We should do the same.


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