Thank God it’s Friday.  Good Friday is only good because of the resurrection. If Christ did not rise, our hopes would be buried with him. I believe he was crucified and I also believe he was raised to life.

Michael Patton of Credo House Ministries posted an interesting article here about the evidence for the resurrection of Christ. His points are nothing new and I doubt his article will convince any skeptic but it’s worth a read if you want to see a brief apologetic take on Christianity.

Something mentioned more than once was the idea that no one produced the body of Jesus to extinguish the claims of the resurrection. That’s an interesting point. One attempt at producing the body of Jesus (and the only one that I know) was in a 2007 documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, produced by James Cameron. I have not seen the film but it seems to be widely criticized by a variety of people. Surely someone closer to 33 A.D. could have produced the body if necessary, but it never happened.

There was and is no body to produce. If there is, I would leave the faith immediately. I only say that because I believe my faith is rooted in something very real and beautiful. Jesus Christ was resurrected and he ascended into the heavenly realm where he currently reigns as our supreme king. May we remember the sacrifice Christ made on Calvary and may we celebrate the risen king!

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