Captivated by the Headlines?

HeadlinesMark Driscoll made a beautiful comment on this past week’s headlines:

This week the world rejoiced at the defeat of a murderous tyrant & prince marrying a princess wearing white. This is ultimately the storyline of our Bible where Jesus crushes Satan & rides on a horse to take his bride the church.

Captivated by the Royal Wedding? Pastor Matt Dirks of Harbor Church made an interesting observation amid the hype. He says:

Even as divorce rates are rising and marriage rates are plummeting, we’re still instinctively drawn to the marriage covenant.

Do read the rest here.

Captivated by the killing of Osama bin Laden? John Piper tweeted:

God took out Osama bin Laden. And he will take me out. And you. And everyone else. Only different ways. (Deu 32:39; Job 1:21)

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One Response to Captivated by the Headlines?

  1. j.e.m. says:

    eh, the picture grew overnight.
    I really like Mark Driscoll’s comment!


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