Multi-Site, Multi-Service

Multi-SiteIs the multi-site and multi-service church model biblical? There’s a debate going on. On one hand, it’s not that important to me. My church is small and no where near considering a need for an additional church campus or Sunday service. On the other hand, this issue is very important to me because we are talking about God’s desire for God’s people.

In this video, Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald and Mark Dever have a friendly debate on the issue. Poor Dever gets double teamed but good points are raised all around.

Greg Allison followed up on the video here and Jonathan Leeman responded to Allison here.

If you have more time, there are longer arguments for and against multi-site by Allison and Leeman respectively.

God bless churches that are growing so much that they feel the need for multiple campuses and multiple services. A growing congregation is a good problem to have. With that said, I think Jonathan Leeman’s critique of multi-site churches is more compelling than any defense of it I have read. The issue boils down to this—What is a church?

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