Eternal Beauty


This is a nice painting, but can you imagine being there? It’s good to know that if this painting fades away, I can just drive down to the beach.

Mary Kassian, professor of Women’s Studies at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, posted an article about female beauty. I appreciate her overview of a discussion going on in the blogosphere. I love what she adds to the discussion. She writes:

I believe that men are “wired” to be attracted to beauty in women because our Heavenly Bridegroom desires the beauty of His Bride. And I believe that deep down, every woman wants to feel beautiful and desired. This is the way that God has created us as male and female—and the illustration points to something far bigger than ourselves.

I agree with others that every wife wants to be beautiful to her husband just as much as every man wants their wife to be beautiful to them. The problem is in our focus. There should not be a disconnect between beauty and the reality of the gospel. Kassian adds:

The gospel doesn’t negate man’s desire to enjoy beauty and woman’s desire to be beautiful, but it does shift the focus of our attention beyond the symbol to that to which it points. When we consider the jaw-dropping picture painted by Scripture, it would seem that our Lord finds our desire for beauty not too strong, but too weak. We get all wrapped up with the earthly and the superficial and temporal, while the supernatural and eternal is offered us.

When our focus is on the temporal illustration of beauty and not the eternal fulfillment we read about in the bible, we will find much disappointment. With the right focus through the lens of the gospel, we can enjoy what ever beauty we are blessed with as we await something much greater. We can cherish beauty, watch it fade yet never lose an ounce of anticipation. This is what a joyful life is all about! Because of the gospel, we can enjoy what ever life we are blessed with as we await something much greater.

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