Missions in Mind

Have you ever struggled with the choice of sharing the gospel in a Christian-saturated environment like America or sharing the good news in a gospel-deprived area like China? We know both environments need faithful disciples, but which environment do we choose?  Here’s a thought from David Platt, author of Radical Together, in an interview with Trevin Wax:

We are constantly tempted to choose between either going to reached peoples or going to unreached peoples. But this need not be an “either/or” scenario. What if God has designed our work among reached peoples to be aimed toward the spread of the gospel among unreached peoples?

He also says:

Let’s continue to focus on making disciples among the people around us (let’s not detract from that focus!), and let’s focus on making disciples among peoples all around the world who presently have no access to the gospel.

I couldn’t agree more. A church should always have their community in mind while having missions in mind.

Read the rest here.

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