I’m Accepted, Therefore I Obey

I am reading Tim Keller’s King’s Cross and in it, I came across a brief overview of world religions. In summary, he says that most religions are nationalistic (you connect to a god by taking on the markers of that society), spiritualistic (you work your way through certain transformations of consciousness), or legalistic (there’s a code of conduct and if you follow it, you will gain favor). Keller says:

They all have the same logic: If I perform, if I obey, I’m accepted. The gospel of Jesus is not only different from that but diametrically opposed to it: I’m fully accepted in Jesus Christ, and therefore I obey. (39)

This is why Christianity makes so much sense to me. All world religions, including the atheist and agnostic belief systems, are products of sinful, man-centered thinking. Christianity is different; it’s a product of Jesus’ thinking and we are expected to trust Jesus rather than ourselves. The trick is knowing Christianity well enough to see all this. Therefore we should all desire to deeply understand the grace of God in a world with so little grace.

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