Why Don’t I Evangelize More?

Kevin DeYoung, a pastor and blogger, has shared some reflections on the trip he recently took to Dubai and Turkey. His thoughts reminded me of the way I felt when I returned from a short trip to Japan last year. I shared those thoughts here and here. I liked all his thoughts, but I especially liked his third reflection:

3. Why don’t I evangelize more? Why aren’t the members of my church sharing their faith more relentlessly and consistently? I was challenged to meet so many believers in hard places who make evangelism a way of life. If they can do it through cultural, religious, ethnic, and sometimes language barriers, why don’t we do it more often here in the States? I engaged in more personal evangelism in 17 days overseas than I’ve done all year back home.

No need to answer his question. Praise God for a lack of barriers; go share the gospel and make disciples!

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