Mission to Hilo

Sorry! I apologize for my absence from the blogosphere, but I’ve been busy and some big changes are coming.

About a month ago, I made the decision to move back to Hilo to take care of my father. Currently my mother and sister care for him but my sister is getting married in October and relocating to Oahu. So I’ve decided to switch places with my sister and team up with my mom to watch over dad. I plan to move there in October.

This means I have to quit my counseling job and start something new in Hilo. This also means I have to put my studies in the Antioch School on hold and find a new church to grow in. I am very sad about these particular changes but I am not worried. I think God is calling me to a great ministry in Hilo.

The way I see it, taking care of my dad is a gospel issue. I want nothing more than my dad and I to grow in the Lord together, proclaiming that God is good and full of grace. Just because my dad had a stroke and can’t walk doesn’t mean ministry is on hold for anyone. In fact, it means IT’S ON! On top of all that, Hilo is a great mission field in need of more gospel-centered minds.

As for this blog, I have been debating what to do with it but I’ve decided to keep it going, but with a shift in focus. I will continue to do what I’ve been doing but with a focus on my ministry in Hilo and the challenges that come with it. One topic I certainly want to explore is the issue of physical disability. My prayer is that this blog will ultimately show what it looks like to always be on mission and always have joy in the Lord.

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One Response to Mission to Hilo

  1. Praise the Lord brother! I look forward to the shift in this blog


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