‘Am I Still Worthy of Worship?’

In a sermon on loneliness, Paul Matthies from The Village Church said this:

“It was in that moment that I turned to God and gave him my loneliness that I began to sense God’s presence working in my life again. He started asking me questions like this: ‘If I asked you to move overseas, would you go? If you were to be single your entire life, would you still walk in purity? If no one ever liked a single word I asked you to speak, would you still preach? If your job remained difficult, would you still serve me? If I never fixed your problems, would you still worship me? If I never gave you a faithful friend again, would you still love your neighbor as you love yourself? If the gospel was offensive to every unbeliever you know, would you still share your faith?’ And the underlying question behind all that God was speaking into my heart was this: ‘Am I still worthy of worship?’”

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