Why I Study Theology

gods wordWhy do I care so much about theology and doctrine? Here are three reasons why I study theology:

To honor God’s word
All Christians know they are saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ, so they are quick to honor this gospel message. The gospel is certainly worthy of honor, but so is all of God’s word from which the gospel springs from. You may be well versed in the gospel, but why stop there? I want to know and understand all of scripture. I believe every one of God’s words are worthy of such devotion.

To be obedient to God’s word
Mastering all of scripture may not be appealing to everyone but we can all agree that the scripture should master us. But how can scripture master you if you do not know what it teaches? I want to know how to obey God in every way that God desires and the only way I know how to do that is to study all of scripture and the doctrines it teaches.

To proclaim God’s word
Evangelism is not easy. Some people have difficulty understanding a need for Jesus. They have good questions and hopefully you have good answers. That’s just here in America. I imagine it’s even harder in places where Christians are persecuted. Consider places like Iraq where Christians are being killed. Are you able to share the gospel with someone who would be killed if they believed in it? Theology becomes important. I want to be sure of what I am teaching for the sake of clear consciences and to foster true believers.

Having a high view of theology and doctrine is the best way I know to live out my Christian life. It’s the best way I know to honor God.

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