The Boring Gospel?

bored-in-churchPresenting the gospel to other people is a challenging task for a number of reasons. Perhaps you don’t know what to say. Perhaps you fear persecution, rejection or even an awkward moment. Perhaps you don’t want to appear boring.

Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life, is often quoted saying: “It is a sin to bore a kid with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” That’s why he decided to develop a youth ministry targeting kids uninterested in church. Many youth ministries today are still built on this perspective, to present the gospel in creative, exciting and relevant ways.

There’s good and bad things about this idea of never boring a person with the gospel.

The good thing is that it encourages Christians to keep their audience in mind when presenting the gospel. So if you are speaking to a teenager, then you will speak in a language and tone that a teenager will understand and relate to.

The bad thing about this idea is that it perpetuates the idea that the gospel, while important, can be boring. I believe that the gospel, by its very nature, cannot be boring. It’s an impossibility. Yes, your presentation of the gospel can be boring if, let’s say, you use big theological words. There’s a lot of ways your presentation and communication could be way off. Share anything with me in Chinese and I’ll lose interest because I simply don’t understand Chinese.

But assuming you are presenting the whole gospel in a clear and understandable language, I can guarantee that you will never come off as boring. People might think that you’re wrong, but never boring.

The gospel is the good news of our hope in Jesus Christ. Like any really good news, it’s never boring, otherwise it wouldn’t be called “good news”. It would be called “boring news”. Your audience may be totally uninterested in the good news. But the message itself is never dull. There’s really nothing you can do about uninterested people.

For example, if I had really good news about my favorite football team, the NY Jets (a rarity these days), and my audience is totally uninterested in football, is there really anything I can do about that aside from changing their affection towards the sport? Even if I share this news in a creative way to get their attention, that won’t change their mind about how uninteresting my football team is.

The point is—despite anyone’s disinterest in good news, it doesn’t’ change the fact it’s good news. I want that to be an encouragement to anyone who wants to share the gospel. The gospel is good news about our creator, our Lord, our hope, our salvation and our eternal life. It’s not hard to find people interested in these fairly universal themes. Share the good news with confidence and with love. If they’re not interested, just pray for them. If they think the gospel is not true, pray for them. Depend on the work of the Holy Spirit.

Most importantly, do not have a fear of boring someone with the gospel. It’s not a boring message at all.

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One Response to The Boring Gospel?

  1. Todd Morikawa says:

    Amen! “The gospel, by its very nature, cannot be boring.” Amen and Amen!


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